7 Things To Do For The Purpose Of Staying True To Your Style In Pregnancy

Fashion is a sort of self-expression which allows a person to express her individuality assertively. But how do you still maintain your individuality when you are pregnant? It is an important milestone for all women, but it also causes a major change in a woman's life and her body, giving her no time to focus on herself, let alone following her own fashion style. For those wishing to stay true to their fashion sense during pregnancy, here are seven tips to follow.


Embrace the bump

Some think that if they buy oversized clothes, it will help them hide the bump. While it is true, it will leave everything else baggy making you look bad. The best option would be to buy maternity dresses that fit you well and enables you to show off your body in a better light. For informal wear, you can go for a casual skirt that reaches down until the mid-calf.


Consider mid length clothes

Not only do these allow you to flaunt your legs, but they are also a great option for anyone looking to opt for an elegant look. Suitable for even formal occasions, mid-length skirts are quite trendy too. These are ideal for a woman who is in her 2nd or 3rd trimester.


Bring attention to the upper half of your body

This is a simple but efficient technique. Go for maternity clothing that has an emphasis on the top of your body which again helps recreate an elegant look. Cowl neckline or halter neck clothing are some such examples and can be incorporated into your office wear too. Butterfly sleeves and pointy sleeves are some other options to think about too.


Try swapping items

Consider trying out options like a pencil skirt, a sweater and a pair of skinny jeans or a jumpsuit, which are all highly sought after maternity clothing. They are quite popular because they easily accommodate the baby bump while allowing you to draw attention to your curves.


Go for flexible clothes

In order to stay comfortable, you should think about choosing flexible clothes. The clothes need to be able to expand as the months go by and again go back to its standard size. Usually, flexible clothes have pleats or layers and needless to say, can be used even after pregnancy.


Remember that your temperature is bound to change

Temperature changes are quite common during the months of pregnancy. This means you should pay close attention to the fabrics of the clothes that you buy. They should be breathable, comfortable – as mentioned above – and should be easily washable. Understand your own shape so you can make better choices when shopping. If you are curvy, you can opt for plus size dresses and so on.


Go crazy with the colors and patterns

Do not hesitate to try out different options. While they might be different from your normal fashion sense, you might always find something new that appeals to your tastes. Horizontal stripes are popular, especially monochrome ones.