The pants issue

When your trousers start feeling tight and you would ideally like to undo a button, this is the time to look for a pair of maternity trousers.

Now you have to decide, it's under-the-belly vs. the belly band.

Over belly covers most of your stomach to ensure maximum comfort. In addition to feeling good and looking great, this belly band also holds your pants in place and can be worn throughout your pregnancy.


Sue shorts


The under belly support sits under your bump. These pants, are ideal for moms who want to wear belts or tuck their maternity tops into their pants.

They can be worn from the very start of your pregnancy and will grow with you.

Marie pants


Celeste pants


So which style of maternity pants is right for you?  

Since everyone is different – and each pregnancy is different – you'll need to try out,  sit down and walk around, before you decide which feels comfortable and looks fabulous.